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YWX Molding Services
At YWX, we take pride in supporting your projects with a cross-functional team of experts in engineering, tooling, molding, quality control, and project management. As your manufacturering partner, we transform your initial concept designs into products.
Mold Design & Engineering
The quality of YWX precision machining supplier tool largely depends on the maturity of its design, which is why our experienced designers are a decisive factor. YWX precision machining supplier work closely with our customers to develop cost-effective plastic components and molds that are easy to maintain. Our skilled in-house design team has over 15 years of experience in custom tooling design and offers a full design package, including feasibility studies, filling simulation and Moldflow analysis, and 2D/3D tool design using CAD, Unigraphics, and other software. If needed, our designers can also support customers during the part development stage to enable a tool-specific design and save time and costs.
Tooling Making
At YWX precision machining factory, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality tooling and integrated solutions to our customers. With our advanced tooling shop, we can create everything from small, precise parts to large, complex automotive components. Our leading technology, quality, and project management have enabled us to establish successful partnerships with world-famous automotive OEMs and Tier-1 companies. YWX precision machining manufacturer don't just sell molds; we also offer technical support, efficiency, speed, and quality to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solutions for their needs.
About YWX

Since 2014, YWX, the metal injection molding manufacturer and silicone molding company, has been providing high-quality injection molds globally. We're renowned for our cutting-edge technology, strict quality standards, and efficient project management, and have established strong partnerships with renowned automotive OEMs and Tier-1 companies. Our team consists of over 80 technical personnel, and we're ISO 9001 certified. With a 3,500 sqm modern facility and annual manufacturing capacity of over 150 sets, as a precision machining supplier, we offer everything from CAD/CAM through to mold manufacture and production in-house. Our expertise lies in automotive lighting, thermal, interior, and exterior systems, and we can produce molds up to 20 tons using 40,000rpm CNC and 5-axis CNC. YWX, the metal injection molding manufacturer, we also have a non-deformation polishing team in-house. With an annual turnover of $10,000,000, we're your dependable international partner.