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Gao Ming Establishes Center for High-Quality Mold Talent Development

On August 4th, the appointment ceremony for the Director of the High-Precision Automobile Mold Industry-University-Research Engineering Center was held at the Gao Ming Industrial Innovation Institute in Guangdong. With this as a new starting point, the engineering center will deepen the integration of industry and education and cultivate more high-quality talent in the field of high-precision automobile molds.


Guangdong Gao Ming Industrial Innovation Research Institute

The High-Precision Automobile Mold Industry-University-Research Engineering Center was unveiled on July 3rd this year. It is jointly established by the Automobile and Transportation College, Intelligent Manufacturing College of Guangdong Vocational and Technical College, and Gao Ming Research Institute, along with other entities such as Foshan Yiweixin Technology Co., Ltd., and Gao Ming Advanced Technical School. The center aims to build a platform for the integration of industry and education, enhance the level of automobile mold research and development, and manufacturing, and improve the quality of technical skill training to serve the development of the automotive injection molding industry.

On that day, Peng Xiao, the Vice Dean of the Automobile and Transportation College of Guangdong Vocational and Technical College, was appointed as the Director of the engineering center. He mentioned that the engineering center will integrate the strength of the school and enterprises, fully leverage the platform's role, carry out high-precision mold research, design, and production of automobile parts, jointly establish integrated training bases for industry and education, recruit part-time teachers and engineers, and effectively conduct technology research and talent cultivation, aiming to create a base for technical skill training.


Vice Dean Peng Xiao of Guangdong Vocational College of Automotive and Transportation is appointed as the director of the Engineering Center

One of the construction units of the engineering center, Yiweixin, is a newly introduced technology company at the Gao Ming Research Institute. It is mainly engaged in the mold design and manufacturing of automobile lamp molds for international high-end automotive brands such as BMW and Audi. It is a global supplier of Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from Japan and Valeo Automotive Lighting from France. It is also the only mold supplier in Foshan that has entered their procurement system. In 2022, it was approved as a national high-tech enterprise and a small-scale enterprise.

Huang Lujun, the General Manager of Yiweixin, stated that the company officially started production on July 1st and currently has three major production lines. If full capacity production can be achieved, the expected annual output value can exceed 60 million RMB. Huang Lujun expressed that the key factor for the company to settle in Gao Ming is the professional talent support provided by Guangdong Vocational and Technical College and Gao Ming Technical School. With the progress of the engineering center's construction, they will further strengthen cooperation with schools and provide stronger talent support for the injection molding company's future development.


The picture shows YiWeiXin Company

As one of the key technology innovation platforms in Gao Ming District, Gao Ming Research Institute has accelerated the pace of introducing high-quality projects in recent years. According to Xiang Weibing, the Director of the institute, the institute has introduced more than 40 scientific and technological innovation teams in areas such as new materials, biopharmaceuticals, intelligent manufacturing, and modern agriculture. Next, the institute will accelerate the construction of industrialization infrastructure, explore market-oriented operation mechanisms, and build research and development platforms for rural revitalization, digitization, and intelligence.