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Gaoming Technician College Mold Major Teachers and Students Visit YiWeiXin for Study

On November 6th, Foshan Gaoming Technician College reached a preliminary intent of cooperation with Foshan YiWeiXin Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as YiWeiXin ), laying the foundation for future collaboration. To further promote in-depth cooperation and facilitate project implementation, on November 13th, the college's Employment Guidance Center and the Mold Manufacturing Professional Teaching and Research Group jointly organized a study visit to YiWeiXin for some teachers and students majoring in mold manufacturing from the class of 2021. The delegation was led by Hong Jian, Director of the college's Employment Guidance Center, and Liao Weichao, Deputy Director.

College and YiWeiXin Reach Cooperation Intent to Build the Future of the Mold Industry. Molds are known as the "mother of industry," and the level of mold manufacturing largely determines the quality, efficiency, and product development capabilities. It is an important indicator of a country's manufacturing level. Huang Lujun, Chairman of YiWeiXin, warmly welcomed the visiting students and encouraged them to have full confidence in their profession. The comfortable office environment and well-organized working conditions at YiWeiXin, which is a plastic injection manufacturer, overturned the students' previous understanding of mold factories.


Chairman Huang introduces the company's mold characteristics to the students

In the mold assembly workshop, after observing the entire process of the mold assembly, the students further broadened their horizons. Two-color custom injection molding, hot runner molds, 300-ton clamping machines... Machines and equipment that were previously only found in textbooks were now vividly displayed before their eyes. Some students expressed during the visit that it all felt like a dream as if their dreams had suddenly come true.


▲ College leaders and teachers discussing two-color injection molding technology with YiWeiXin engineers

According to the YiWeiXin engineers, the company manufactures two-color injection molds for Xiaopeng Motors' lamp covers. Two-color molds refer to injecting two different plastic materials on the same injection molding machine, forming in two stages, but the product only comes out of the mold once. This mold technology can make the product more aesthetically pleasing and enhance its strength. The fact that YiWeiXin can become a partner of Xiaopeng Motors demonstrates the company's high level of mold manufacturing.


Chairman Huang introduces mirror polishing technology for molds to the students

Mirror polishing technology is another difficulty in mold manufacturing. The surface quality of car lampshades requires extremely high precision. A slight error can lead to a big mistake, so every process needs to be meticulous. Any minor flaw can render the entire mold useless. Under the painstaking research and meticulous polishing of professional technicians at YiWeiXin Company, each exquisite “artwork” is perfectly presented. This is the “striving for excellence, pursuit of the ultimate” artisan spirit that future craftsmen need to possess.


▲ Visiting the workshop


▲ Visiting the workshop

YiWeiXin is a sincere, capable, and well-managed precision machining company. Recently, YiWeiXin Company has been actively preparing for a new injection molding production line, planning to purchase more than 40 injection molding machines. This move will increase the production capacity of the Fuwan factory area and enhance the company’s competitiveness. Chairman Huang was very excited when talking about the company’s future plans.


▲ YiWeiXin’s Chairman Huang (center) takes a photo with the college teachers

It’s worth mentioning that the new location of Yi Weixin Company is in Fuwan, only 1 kilometer away from the college, making it a true “doorstep” enterprise with good geographical advantages for cooperation with the college. During the research process, both sides exchanged views on some details of school-enterprise cooperation, looking forward to jointly exploring a new path of cooperation in production, learning, and research soon.

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